Our Privacy Policy

Version 1.1, October 23, 2015

We take your privacy seriously. Our policies and systems are designed to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your information and communications.

No one other than you, the recipient of your message for personal messages and your community members for group and everyone messages can read messages in Dialogue. We do not store your messages, attached files and personal information beyond the 48 hours that your messages are available to read.

Dialogue is a personal, community focussed and instant communication service designed to enable you to have conversations anytime anywhere with friends, family and colleagues, all of who need to register and become members of Dialogue. Dialogue also enables you to share files including photographs, videos, documents and other electronic files and links as part of your messages. All messages are stored for a period between 24 and 48 hours during which time they are available in Dialogue to read. We do not backup and archive messages beyond what we need to retrieve and bring back the messages in case of any fault in our systems. This means that all backups and archives are also limited to 48 hours from the date and time of the messages.

No messages are stored in any form or method - live or archive beyond the 48 hours time limit that we have set. All messages beyond 48 hours from their date and time are automatically deleted and lost forever and are not in our systems or available with us. They may continue to reside in stored caches and personal archives of the community members but they will not be with us.

Our tracking and monitoring of the Dialogue system and delivery of services do not include and are not based on the content of your messages. We guarantee your privacy and liberty to communicate freely.

Dialogue can only be used by members who need to register on our website by providing information requested. We reserve the right to verify and approve all registrations and admit or not admit members to Dialogue without assigning reasons.

We retain and store information that you submit and your activity on Dialogue systems including websites, apps, software and interfaces and may use these to improve our services or provide additional services. This information does not include the content of your messages and attached files which remain out of bounds other than the recipients you choose to send them to.

We use cookies to enable specific features in the Dialogue service and these are stored on your computers and devices and accessed by Dialogue as needed.

Our communities are self-managed and moderated and the members are free to communicate and conduct them in any manner that you would wish to, subject to legal, regulatory and public definitions of appropriate behaviour and communication. You may not use our services for any acts leading or directed towards terrorism, communal, religious, political or race based inflammation, any form of abuse or violence, promotion and conduct of business or services that are illegal including prostitution, pornography, human trafficking, narcotics, drugs, money laundring, tax evasion, crime, riots and violence or harm, abuse or disregard for human dignity, privacy, well-being and harmony.

No one other than yourself and the members of your community and people to whom you have adderessed your messages will be able to read your messages including anyone managing or monitoring the services. We will however turn over messages in case we receive a formal request from governments and regulatory authorities relating to specific content or communities and these will be limited to only those instances where we believe that harm or damage will be caused by continuing to allow these communications.

We reserve the right to scan and approve messages and content in communities where we have reports of inappropriate content and communications to protect our services and members from harm.

Dialogue is a service that respects the privacy and dignity of people around the world without regard to race, gender, personal preferences, color, nationality, social or economic status. We welcome everyone to become members and treat all members as equals in their communities and use of the services.

Dialogue Mobile Inc reserves the right to amend or change these policies from time to time without prior notice in response to legislation, legal and regulatory requirements and in order to improve our services. The latest updated version of our Privacy Policy is on display on our website at all times. We will notify you of changes to our policies and give you the opportunity to review them before continuing to use our services.

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