Terms of Service

Version 1.1, October 23, 2015

Your acceptance of these terms is essential for continuing use of Dialogue and our services. By registering and coninuing use of Dialogue you confirm your acceptance of these terms.

The term "Dialogue", "us", "our" or "we" in this document means and implies Dialogue Mobile Inc ("Dialogue") and its, partners, suppliers, distributors and their respective directors, employees, officers and owners.

All software, designs, logos and trademarks on our websites, apps, software and interfaces are exclusive property of Dialogue Mobile Inc and their partners and may not be copied, duplicated, modified, transacted or used in any manner and for any purpose other than specifically permitted.

By using Dialogue you understand and accept that you are voluntarily creating and joining communities on your own free will, and using Dialogue communications, messaging and services, without any coercion or inducement.

You agree and accept not to use Dialogue to incite or promote hatred, violence, terrorism, abuse, racism, narcotics, drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, illegal business, money laundring, tax evasion, religious or communal discord, crime or harm of any sort to any individual or community anywhere in the world.

You agree to being vigilant about any objectional and inappropriate messages and discussions within the communities that you are part of and report abuse to the members of the community immediately.

You may submit complaints or report abuse using the forms provided within the Dialogue website and interfaces for review and action by the managers of the Dialogue service.

Dialogue and its partners and their officers, employees, directors and owners are only providing the service, platform, software and network for members to communicate, message and share information and files and are not responsible in any way for the content and tone of discussions, messages and shared files on Dialogue and their effect or subsequent actions on members.

Dialogue and its partners and their officers, employees, directors and owners and the Dialogue service managers bear no liability and damages for any effects of use of Dialogue and any harm or damage caused due to its use by members at any time and will not and cannot be held liable for any claims or suits in any country or courts of jurisdiction for any effects or actions caused by members who are using the services of Dialogue.

By continuing to use Dialogue services you accept and confirm that you will not hold Dialogue and its partners and their employees, directors, owners and partners liable for any damages or loss that you may suffer on account of your use of Dialogue and the content and messages that you send and receive through Dialogue.

Dialogue reserves the right to send you communications regarding promotion and launch of new products and services.

Dialogue reserves the right to display advertisements and messages on the websites, apps, software and interfaces and customize them based on information provided by members and data generated through our systems and software.

Dialogue will use the data provided by members and data generated by our systems and software to create statistics relating to the membership, usage and performance of services and may share these with other third-parties or publish them. This information will not include private and confidential information of members and any information that will reveal identity and profile of the members and disclose their messages and communications.

No part of Dialogue, websites, software, apps and interfaces maybe reproduced, redirected, reversed engineered, copied, decoded, decompiled or used in any manner outside of the Dialogue services that are offered.

No license, transfer of ownership, sale or lease is created by your use of Dialogue and our acceptance of your registration and membership. You may be provided specific license and permission to use for any subscriptions or payments that you may make towards use of Dialogue services.

Your membership of Dialogue and our terms to you are not transferrable to another individual or organization and remain exclusive to you.

Business uses of Services
If you are using Dialogue Services on behalf of a business, that business accepts these terms.

Waiver of action does not take away our right to future action.

Failure to enforce a specific term does not affect any other terms.

Warranty Disclaimer

Limitation of Liability


Ability to Accept Terms


Dialogue Mobile Inc reserves the right to amend or change these terms from time to time without prior notice in response to legislation, legal and regulatory requirements and in order to improve our services. The latest updated version of our Terms of Service is on display on our website at all times. We will notify you of changes to our terms and give you the opportunity to review them before continuing to use our services.

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